"The Dynamic Nature of European Identity", Editor: Sanja Ivić


EU citizenship requires a multilayered and dynamic concept of European identity. The idea of European identity embodied in the Declaration on European Identity and within A Charter on European Identity needs to be rethought. These documents should not contain essentialist assumptions based on the difference between "Europe" and "Other" that excludes and marginalizes a number of citizens. European identity should not create new forms of nationalism. That is why the concept of European identity should be flexible and dynamic. The concepts of identity, values, and Europe need to be rebuilt and reinterpreted in a multifaceted, adaptable, and dynamic manner. We can only discuss the dynamic nature of the European Union and the European identity in this sense. The concept of European identity should be developed less in terms of a predetermined past and more in terms of shared projects, long-term goals and connections resulting from a long-term, deliberate process. Athens Journal of Humanities and Arts, Vol. 11, 2024, pp. 1-16