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At the time she got autonomous status in 1830, Serbia was not perceived as part of Europe. It is from then that they start in Serbia has two processes that are mutually exclusive connected, but not always overlapping. The first is Europeanization, i.e. adoption European customs, fashion, ideas and technology. The second is Occidentalization, that is, the procedure by which the European observers are gradually accepting Serbia as part of Europe


The opening of the Eastern Question is not for everyone seen as a threat. Entrepreneurs and merchants saw it as an opportunity for the expansion of its economic interest. Some of the studies from another half of the nineteenth century and the first the years of the twentieth century are exactly intended for public awareness opinions with economic potential newly created states


I read four obituaries for Madeleine Albright in different papers and each the part dealing with her role in Yugoslavia was written just like that as it would have been written in the 1990s or even in the 1980s. The vocabulary has not changed and the view of the peninsula has not changed. So, I would say that we are Maria Todorova and I made a difference, but in a narrow circle


The travelogue, that old literary form, represents a very important reading no not only for enthusiasts but also for scientists. The eternally indeterminate border between documentary, aesthetic and fictional makes this type of source at the same time and extremely useful, but also thankless for researchers. Areas of today's Serbia they were, and remain, interesting for generations intending passengers


Where do the same motives come from in different peoples, where did Cinderella come from for the Germans, Serbs, Italian, French...? The presence of the same narrative motives in different cases of the people is explained by common origin, such as the origin of language. A that origin is in the myth of which they are fragments story motifs. Hence the etymology with all the newly discovered parallels used as a method not only for reconstructing the linguistic past but also mythical stories


When we talk about cultural transfer, the most common association is ideas that were transmitted in the fields of intellectual history, literature, material culture, art and science. Much we think less often about religion and the religious ideas as also important elements of cultural influence


The history not only of thought but also of consciousness, opinions, actions, morals, politics, aesthetics, is largely history dominant models. (...) These models regularly begin by free people from mistakes, confusion, from some incomprehensible world which they try to explain with means which the model provides; but those models, no managing to explain the totality of the experience, they almost regularly end by they enslave those same people. They start as liberators, and they end up in some kind of despotism


Viewed from the perspective of the history of feminism and women's emancipation in Serbia, Svetozar Marković symbolizes a completely unique phenomenon with his ideas and work, which sets him apart from all later feminophile politicians.


Seen from the perspective of history feminism and emancipation of women in Serbia, Svetozar Marković to his with ideas and work it symbolizes everything a unique phenomenon that sets it apart compared to all later feminophilic ones politicians